Atlantic swimmer credits near-death drowning experience as inspiration

Ben Hooper, who almost died as a child in a swimming pool on holiday

Ben Hooper, the ultra-endurance athlete who is set to swim every single mile of the Atlantic Ocean in November, ‘died’ as a child – after drowning.

He slipped beneath the surface of the water and “sank without trace” while other children played overhead.

Ben, then aged five, was dragged out and resuscitated on the side of the pool by lifeguards while stunned teachers looked on.

In a remarkable twist, the terrifying incident, which Ben says has been “confined to the darkest recesses” of his mind for 30 years encouraged him to become a professional open water swimmer.

The remarkable story has been covered by the Western Daily Press (print and online), Gloucestershire Echo and Cheltenham Standard.

Interviews with Ben Hooper can be organised through Steve Kelly at Palamedes PR.

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