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Consumer PR

Reaching National & International Audiences

Welcome to Palamedes PR, the UK’s leading consumer PR agency. We deliver award-winning consumer PR campaigns for businesses seeking big-impact, positive brand exposure [46]. Our consumer PR campaigns are designed with headlines in mind and generate unapologetically high volumes of positive publicity in the wider print, broadcast (TV and radio) and digital/online media. We can usually secure widespread brand publicity in as little as seven days but have been known to do so in under 24 hours. So if you’re looking for impactful publicity in the consumer press, you’ve come to the right place. Join some of the UK’s best-loved brands and secure the consumer publicity you deserve [47].

If you haven’t benefited from our consumer PR support before, the following information about our consumer PR campaigns may prove useful before contacting us about a consumer PR campaign.


“We appointed Palamedes PR because of their proven track record in achieving outstanding results, and because of their reputation as a market leader in national PR. We are delighted that we did so. The team never promised what they couldn’t deliver, and over-delivered on what they promised. This culminated in celebrity endorsements and in regional and national publicity for SNAP. The team provides a truly professional level of service that sets a benchmark in customer service and a target for others in this industry to reach.”

Daniel Fallon, founder of Lifelong and the Schools and National Anti-Obesity Programme (SNAP)



To say that we have a broad spectrum of clients in this arena is putting it mildly [48]. We have and do represent an eclectic mix of businesses, people and organisations looking for that special “hit” of publicity to catapult their business, product or service into the public domain. We offer project-based, one-off consumer PR campaigns and longer, ongoing representation. Our project-based campaigns are ideal for product launches, website launches, and other businesses seeking to effectively publicise something new in a short space of time.  Our consumer PR campaigns can also promote an existing product or service that may have been overlooked by the media, perhaps as a result of a previous PR company failing to deliver upon their consumer PR promises. Either way, we can usually always help [49].


“I appointed Palamedes PR on account of the agency’s credentials, professionalism, and journalistic background. It is true to say that their work was impressive; they established a strong and standalone brand within six weeks. During this time, they also secured significant regional, national and international media coverage. There is no doubt in my mind that Palamedes PR are, by far, the UK’s leading agency and that those looking for overnight exposure should get in touch.”




Our consumer PR campaigns generally generate high volumes of positive brand exposure in the print, broadcast (TV & Radio) and digital media. This, in turn, encourages sales growth, increased web traffic, social media sharing, and ongoing brand and customer loyalty [50]. Our consumer PR campaigns have not only won industry acclaim, but have crashed servers on account of the number of visitors we drove online. In general terms, a consumer PR campaign is copy-driven in that it focuses upon compelling, newsworthy content. We do, from time-to-time, also provide support by securing celebrity soundbites and celebrity ambassadorships, business sponsorship, product placements, and competitions. We have a proven track record for delivering on our consumer PR promises [51]. We intend for it to stay that way, which is why we’ll deploy every trick, technique and tactic in our consumer PR armoury to secure the publicity your business deserves. The quality and effectiveness of our consumer PR campaigns speaks for itself. But you can see what others have to say about our award-winning consumer PR campaigns on our testimonials page, here.


“The story about Kate Middleton was timed perfectly and appeared across the world in the days before the Royal wedding. We were very, very pleased with the results and hope to continue working with Palamedes PR hereafter.”

Richard Cullen, Managing Director, Jelly Bean Factory



If you’re seeking unapologetically high volumes of positive media coverage in order to showcase your business, product or service to a nationwide audience, we can almost certainly help. Tell us about your consumer PR requirements  by calling us on 0207 1383067. Alternatively, complete the simple contact form below and we’ll get back to you about your consumer PR enquiry within 60 minutes [52, 53].
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“Palamedes PR generated a significant amount of media coverage for us”

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Palamedes PR is committed to exceptional customer service. We are a proud member of the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) and hold the “hallmark of PR excellence” with CMS accreditation. Palamedes PR also holds a 2014/15 copyright licence with the Newspaper Licencing Agency (NLA). In accordance with good industry practice, our paperwork and terms are recommended by the PRCA, The Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply, and by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers.


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