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Consumer PR

Consumer PR: Reaching mass audiences

We orchestrate award-winning consumer PR campaigns for businesses seeking big-impact, positive brand exposure. Our consumer PR campaigns are designed with headlines in mind and generate mass volumes of publicity in the wider print, broadcast (TV and radio) and digital/online media. We can usually secure widespread brand publicity in as little as seven days but have been known to do so in under 24 hours. So if you’re looking for impactful publicity in the consumer press, you’ve come to the right place. Join some of the UK’s best-loved brands and secure the consumer publicity you deserve.


Our award-winning consumer PR campaigns enable brands of all sizes to communicate in today’s increasingly crowded and confusing media landscape. We help businesses to make themselves heard by orchestrating unique PR campaigns based on compelling, newsworthy content. In short, our consumer PR catapult products and services into UK and international media, and onto TV and radio, often within a few days of appointment.


We offer project-based, one-off consumer PR campaigns for immediate impact, in addition to sustained campaigns. Our project-based consumer PR campaigns are ideal for businesses looking to effectively publicise something new in a short space of time.  We can also promote an existing product or service that may have been overlooked by the media, perhaps as a result of a previous PR company failing to deliver upon their consumer PR promises. Either way, we can usually always help.


“The story about Kate Middleton was timed perfectly and appeared across the world in the days before the Royal wedding. We were very, very pleased with the results and hope to continue working with Palamedes PR hereafter.” Richard Cullen, Managing Director, Jelly Bean Factory – see Case Study

“Palamedes PR generated a significant amount of media coverage for us” Army Cadets – see Case Study

“The results that Palamedes PR achieved for Vitagetics were simply outstanding and far exceeded my expectations. Palamedes PR understood my company’s goals from the outset and worked tirelessly in order to help me achieve them. Palamedes PR went on to secure front pages, and coverage across the globe.If you’re looking for the best public relations agency, which doesn’t charge the earth, look no further than Palamedes.” Sir Richard Wylie, Managing Director, Vitagetics – see Case Study

“Gigi’s of Mayfair re-appointed Palamedes PR on account of the exceptional work it conducted for the restaurant’s opening launch parties. The volume of media attention that the company secured was astonishing. Working with Palamedes PR has been a pleasure, and Gigi’s looks forward to developing its relationship with the agency well into 2015.” Gigi’s, Mayfair – see Case Study


  • We can generally secure publicity – within the national or industry media – within 7-14 days
  • We have a proven track record in the consumer PR arena – and the accolades, testimonials and case studies to prove it
  • We hold the CMS Standard of industry excellence – the benchmark of quality and trust
  • We provide extraordinary service for quite ordinary prices


If you’re seeking unapologetically high volumes of positive media coverage in order to showcase your business, product or service to a nationwide audience, we can almost certainly help. Let us talk you through the options and provide you with a no-obligation free quote.

No one will hear unless you make yourself heard.

Be a voice, not an echo.

Shout about it with a consumer PR campaign

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