Sweet: 10,000 commuters receive free Kindness Day UK chocolate bar

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10,000 commuters receive a free bar of chocolate this morning as part of Kindness Day UK

Ten thousand commuters received a free bar of chocolate this morning as part of Kindness Day UK.

The annual celebration, held on November 13, encourages people to perform at least one act of kindness.
Co-founder David Jamilly, the millionaire philanthropist, paid for the kind-heated stunt out of his own pocket. He and a team of other volunteers handed-out the treats at Willesden Green station in London this morning.
David said: “Our primary aim was to spread a little happiness by doing something kind for people. With luck, all of those people who received chocolate bars will have performed a kind act for someone else later that day. Kindness has an unbelievably powerful and positive ripple effect, and it’s something we’re keen to encourage.”
The giveaway was featured on Get West London, one of London’s most popular news platforms with 386,000 unique users per month.
palamedes pr
Get West London covers the chocolate giveaway


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