Client: Active Honey
Campaign Type: UK Consumer PR/Launch Campaign
Objective: Publicising so-called ‘active’ honey

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In 2011, Palamedes PR was appointed by Active Honey to catapult its “ultra” honey into the media spotlight. The company had worked with PR firms in the past, and was dubious about whether we, too, would fail to deliver on our promises. As such, we made it clear: give us seven days, and we’ll show you what we can do. The rest, as they say, is history.

Most people agree that ‘natural’ is best, especially when it comes to beauty products and regimes. We put this to the test by conducting a quick straw poll. We asked about 50 men and women what products, if any, they genuinely believed had healing qualities – and, crucially, if honey was among them. In four-out-of-five cases, recipients said honey was beneficial to the body; most said they would trust it “in whatever state” over chemically-enhanced alternatives.

Why is any of this important? Because we reckoned, quite rightly, that Active Honey would and could double as a viable alternative to a facemask. The concept was developed and, following client-led research, became the focus of our consumer PR campaign.

We went on to secure multiple product placements in various trade and beauty media. We also produced further releases about the honey being used by members of the Great British Canoeing Team.

This consumer PR generated immediate national attention. Coverage appeared within 60 minutes of distribution on the Mail Online and on other major news outlets. Full details of the publicity we generated from the “honey facemask” can be found in the Consumer PR portfolio at the foot of this page, but it included:

Times of India
Asian News International
India Vision
Scottish Daily Express (Glasgow)
Sunday Express (
Mail Online (x 2)
Associated Press
Friday PR
Healthcare Global
HTD Health & Fitness
Mummy Constant
Positive Health
Real Bollywood
Suburban Junkie

“The Active Honey Company invested a significant amount in another PR agency, without any success whatsoever. We were, you might say, sceptical about using another agency but trusted Palamedes PR because of the company’s performance. Palamedes PR told us categorically that it would thrust our brand into the global media – and it delivered on its promise.”

Jamie Christie, Managing Director

We aren’t the largest PR agency in the UK. In fact, we’re one of the smallest. But as the results we achieved for Active Honey and our other clients prove, we won’t be beaten on publicity volumes. We have and will continue to stand toe-to-toe with any firm, of whatever size. And we will continue to generate more pound-for-pound coverage than anyone else in the business.

Daily Express

Mail Online


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