Client: BM TRADA
Campaign Type: B2B PR/business to business marketing
Objective: Raising awareness of the organisation’s certifications

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BM TRADA, the multi-certification organisation, initially appointed Palamedes PR in 2012/13 for a B2B PR campaign. We are proud and delighted to say that the company continues to retain our support into 2015/16. In a story for the PR and marketing press in 2012, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “BM TRADA appointed Palamedes PR on account of the agency’s expertise in news generation and B2B PR. We are pleased to be working with Palamedes PR and look forward to a long working relationship with them”.

Since our initial appointment, Palamedes PR continues to secure targeted B2B exposure for BM TRADA in the wider trade and, where relevant, national press. This variously includes developing news content, case studies, thought-leader articles and other editorial products.

To date, the Consultancy has secured almost 100 pieces of media coverage across most platforms. The majority of these placements can be found directly below, and in our B2B PR portfolio at the foot of this page.

In such a competitive industry, it is testament to the quality of our work that we continue to retain clients for three and more years. We look forward to working with BM TRADA for many more years to come.

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