We were tasked, simply, to put bums and seats and to secure worldwide publicity for what we positioned as Surrey’s go-to celebrity Indian restaurant. Our work included the world’s hottest Easter Egg, a visit by The Stig, Jesus’ face on a naan bread, curry-scented perfume (Tears on my Pilau) and many more. Worldwide coverage on TV, radio and the global newspapers.

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We were first appointed by India Dining in 2009 and have represented the interests of the restaurant, and the owner Asad Khan, ever since. India Dining remains one of the agency’s longest – and happiest – customers. Our brief has varied considerably over the years to incorporate national publicity, regional publicity, broadcast coverage (TV and radio), trade press exposure, and reviews.

From the moment we were first appointed, five years ago, the agency has pulled out all of the stops to secure the levels of publicity that the restaurant deserves. This has included collateral development, direct marketing and HTML design and development, ad creation (native, ambient – including a cheeky roundabout sign, see below, – and traditional), news content, and much, much more. We created ‘Tears on My Pilau’– the world’s first curry-scented perfume: see the independent case study we’ve addedhere and a screenshot of the presenters of Daybreak trying it out live on air, below. And we’ve created two unique Easter eggs…the hottest of its kind in the world, and one especially for Hindus. It was also us that discovered Jesus’ face on a naan bread – see the independent case study we’ve created about this, here. And it was us who generated column inches after the Stig from Top Gear popped in for a pit stop.

It’s likely that we’ve secured well in excess of 300 pieces of coverage for India Dining since 2009. This variously includes coverage on Mock the Week, virtually all British news platforms, dozens of international news platforms, every relevant regional title, radio stations, magazines, and blogs. The list below is far from exhaustive, but should provide a flavour of the results we’ve achieved for this magnificent venue:

Mock The Week, Metro, The Daily Telegraph, Mirror, Sun, Metro, Express, Daily Mail, Mail Online, several radio stations including BBC, BBC Radio Surrey, the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser, the Deccan Chronicle (India), the India Times, India Express, Hindustan Times, and Radio Sussex, and hundreds more…Most of the publications above have covered more than one story for India Dining, and coverage was secured, in most cases, in both print and online editions.

“I’ve worked with Palamedes PR for more than five years, during which time they have generated hundreds of pieces of regional, national and international publicity for the India Dining brand. I’m grateful to them for their hard work, which continues for us today.”

India Dining

By any standards, the volume of positive publicity that we’ve achieved for India Dining over the years is exceptional. The AVE is phenomenal. But we’re most proud of the fact that India Dining remains an agency client, five years on. This reflects the results that we consistently achieve for our clients. It’s been a whole lot of fun, too.

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