Anti-obesity drive on BBC Look North

SNAP programme

Dan Fallon, left, outside Ashwell Academy in Hull

The Schools and National Anti-Obesity Programme (SNAP), which has been introduced into Britain for the first time in Hull, has received further attention from the BBC.

The initiative – which will see youngsters from the age of 11 will performing squats and press-ups in the pioneering scheme devised by ex-Royal Navy instructor, Dan Fallon – was the lead story on regional BBC news programme Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire), broadcast on Thursday, November 13.
Pupils will spend a total of three-and-a-half hours a week doing some form of physical exercise, a 75 per cent increase on the national average, and those who buy school dinners are being encouraged to choose meals with less fat, salt and additives.
The “Schools and National Anti-Obesity Program” – Snap – will be tried out for six weeks in the New Year at Ashwell Academy in Hull, East Yorkshire.
You can watch the story on the BBC website, here. See previous posts here.