BBC Radio Humberside covers launch of Lifelong programme at local primary

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Lifelong, the training company behind the anti-inactivity initiative

BBC Radio Humberside has covered the launch of a radical anti-inactivity and obesity programme at a school in Hull, devised by agency client Lifelong.

The placement on the Lizzie and Carl breakfast show this morning (April 22) includes an interview with Longhill Primary School pupils and headteacher Mark Batty about the new initiative, called the Lifelong program.

Lifelong founder, Dan Fallon, was also invited into the studio to discuss the initiative and offer presenters Lizzie Rose and Carl Wheatley some handy exercise tips.

Longhill Primary is one of three schools in Hull and Staffordshire that has signed up to the voluntary scheme, which provides children as young as five with some form of fitness exercise every day. Pupils perform squats, press ups, lunges and burpees for up to three-and-a-half hours per week in specially-designed PE lessons that are aimed at the “disengaged”.

The independent initiative aims to tackle Britain’s £5.1billion obesity epidemic – which has been  linked to inactivity –  at grass roots level. It is described as one of the most “comprehensive but necessary” shake-ups of the traditional PE system, which some schools believe is failing to engage at-risk pupils.

It now appears likely that significantly more primary schools across England – where the programme is currently available – will follow suit. There has also been “significant and sincere” interest from seven other primary schools in the South West, the Midlands, and London.

palamedes pr

BBC Radio Humberside interviews Dan Fallon, of Lifelong, about the new anti-inactivity programme for primary schools


Listen to the interview with the BBC, in full, here.