BBC Radio Scotland interview for Jan Cronje

Author and apartheid historian Jan Cronje has been interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland, warning that South Africa could be on the brink of a new era of ‘reverse apartheid’.

The South-African born writer, a client of author agency Palamedes PR, says that thousands of white South Africans are fleeing the country amid rising violence and discrimination.

He claims that five million white nationals, Boers and Afrikaners – 50 per cent of the entire white population – have allegedly already left South Africa as a result of the ruling African Congress Party (ANC).

Those who stay face the prospect of losing their homes and livelihoods under “Zimbabwe-like” plans by the ANC to grab the land of non-blacks without compensation.

The situation is so bad, says Cronje, author of new non-fiction book Apartheid: The Blame – Past and Present, that South Africa could be ‘white-free’ within as little as 30 years.

You can hear the interview HERE.

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