Book News – Palamedes PR reappointed by historian Ralph Ellis

Book PR specialist Palamedes PR has been appointed to spearhead a new publicity campaign for biblical historian Ralph Ellis.

The agency will be working with Ellis on the promotion of his new book, ‘The Grail Cypher’, which poses a radical reassessment of Arthurian history.

In the book, the historian proposes that King Arthur never actually existed, and that the story of the famed British king was, in fact, a coded reference to the story of Jesus Christ.

Palamedes PR has previously secured extensive national exposure for his books ‘Jesus, King of Edessa’ and ‘Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt’.

Ellis, who splits his time between the UK and France, said: “This is the most comprehensive and radical reassessment of Arthurian history ever undertaken. The conclusion is that the Classical Arthur did not exist.”

A spokesperson for Palamedes PR added: “We are delighted to be working with Ralph on this new campaign.

“The story of King Arthur is familiar to every schoolchild and Ralph’s fascinating new research is bound to be of great interest to audiences in the UK.”