Author discusses 17-year project to capture artist interviews for posterity

Palamedes PR client Rosie Osborne discusses her new book, Free Spirits, in an exclusive interview with a leading current affairs and culture publication

Palamedes PR author Rosie Osborne has been interviewed about her 17-year mission to record exclusive interviews with some of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists.

Speaking with current affairs and culture website The London Economic, Ms Osborne  explained how she began working on what would become her debut book, Free Spirits, when just 12 years old.

“I grew up surrounded by contemporary art as my father was an artist and worked from our home,” she says. “I was naturally drawn to creativity and art and when I got to the age of about 12, I’d ask my father if I could go along with him when he visited other artists’ studios, to see what they looked like.”

Ms Rosie Osborne The London Economic excerpt
Rosie Osborne, the author (left) and Sylvette David, Picasso's former muse
Author Rosie Osborne has been able to secure exclusive interviews with a wide range of leading contemporary artists, including former Picasso muse Sylvette David.

Since that point she has been able to secure interviews with major figures in the contemporary art scene including the late Sandra Blow, Danny Fox and Sylvette David, who is also celebrated as one of Pablo Picassos’ muses.

In the interview, which you can read in full here, Rosie says that she is particular proud of her interview with abstract painter Blow, who died in 2015. 

She said: “She was one of the first really renowned artists that I interviewed, and I remember feeling very nervous and intent on capturing the spirit of her stories correctly.

“The words and stories were so precious to me that I didn’t publish them online, or in a blog, for all of those years. I really wanted to do them justice, and to wait until it felt right to do so. 15 years after our interview, Sandra Blow’s stories were published in the book.”

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