Author portrays human side of modern art in new book

Free Spirits author Rosie Osborne, a client of book PR agency Palamedes, is interviewed by popular culture website Frost Magazine

Author Rosie Osborne says that she wanted to show the “human side” of art in her ambitious new book, Free Spirits. 

In an exclusive interview with culture website Frost Magazine, Ms Osborne explains that her ongoing project to interview leading figures in the contemporary art world “offers an insight into the private side of artistic practice, and the everyday struggles and triumphs that artists experience.”

Her book, Free Spirits, collects 13 interviews that she has conducted over a space of 17 years, including intimate conversations with artists such as Sylvette David, Danny Fox and the late Sandra Blow.

Ms Rosie Osborne Frost Magazine
Free Spirits author Rosie Osborne.

In the same interview, which you can read here, Ms Osborne also reveals that the publication of her book marked the fulfillment of a promise she made to herself while still a teenager. 

She said: “I promised myself at 17 years old that I’d publish the book before I turned 30. 

“Free Spirits came out the day before my 30th birthday. It’s definitely the personal accomplishment that I feel most proud of.”

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