Author’s new book reveals the artistic spirit

Free Spirits author Rosie Osborne, a client of book PR agency Palamedes, is interviewed by lifestyle website Stories.SWNS

Author Rosie Osborne says that artists are set apart from other people in their willingness to sacrifice comfort for personal freedom. 

Ms Osborne, a client of book publicity consultancy Palamedes PR, has spent the past 17 years conducting interviews with some of the UK’s leading contemporary artists.

In an exclusive interview with lifestyle website Stories.SWNS, she says the resulting book, Free Spirits, reveals how artists are connected by a shared commitment to freedom. 

She said: “So many of the artists that I met over the years didn’t see their personal growth in terms of the car they owned, their job title, or the clothes they wore.

“Instead, their biggest investment was sacrificing those ‘comforts’ in order to dedicate their life to something else.”

Rosie Osborne Stories SWNS
Free Spirits by Rosie Osborne is an intimate collection of interviews with celebrated contemporary artists, including Picasso muse Sylvette David

Free Spirits gathers 13 interviews with artists such as Sylvette David, Danny Fox and the late Sandra Blow.

Ms Osborne, who started her project at the age of 13, says that “innocent confidence” enabled her to approach artists.

She explained: “I didn’t realise until years later how unlikely and complicated it actually was to interview some of the artists!

“I think my age and innocence played a role at the start—when you’re younger, you’re much less self-conscious about who is who.”

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