BBC Coverage for Shakespeare expert and author Paul Hunting

Paul Hunting is interviewed on BBC radio about his research into a secret code within the plays of Shakespeare

Shakespeare expert Paul Hunting has been interviewed on BBC radio about his research that suggests the fabled Holy Grail may finally have been discovered … hidden in William Shakespeare’s plays.

Popularly believed to have been the goblet that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, and which was also used to collect Christ’s blood at the Crucifixion, the sacred relic has been searched for — without success — since the Middle Ages.

But according to a new theory, the fabled artefact may not be a cup at all but a collection of radical spiritual teachings shared by Jesus that have been supressed for nearly 2,000 years.

And, it is claimed, this forbidden knowledge has been right under our noses for centuries, locked away within the 37 plays of William Shakespeare.

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Paul Hunting, author of Paul Hunting, author of bestselling new book   Shakespeare’s Holy Grail: The Ancient Secret Revealed.  
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Shakespeare’s Holy Grail: The Ancient Secret Revealed by Paul Hunting is out now, published through Bardass Books.

The reason that these spiritual teachings have never come to light before is, it is alleged, because the world-famous Bard deliberately hid them behind complex sets of secret codes — to avoid prosecution and execution for heresy during his lifetime.

Shakespeare expert and Palamedes PR client Paul Hunting, who has spent the last seven years decoding the Bard of Avon’s universally-acclaimed writings, shares his findings in bestselling new book Shakespeare’s Holy Grail: The Ancient Secret Revealed.

Mr Hunting says that his findings suggest that Shakespeare’s reason for penning such celebrated plays as Macbeth, Hamlet and The Tempest was not just to entertain but also to share these forbidden instructions with mankind.

He says that the teachings were deemed so controversial that they were subsequently airbrushed from official Church doctrine during the First Council of Nicaea in 325AD and “hidden as the mysterious legend of the Grail”.

Mr Hunting has been interviewed about his findings on a raft of BBC stations include BBC Radio Devon and BBC Radio Berkshire. 

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