BBC Interviews for Retired Vicar Calling for Church Closures

The Reverend David Keighley will be interviewed on more than 10 BBC regional radio stations this week

Progressive Christian theologian Reverend David Keighley is being interviewed by a host of BBC radio stations this week after calling upon the Church of England to close and sell off the majority of English churches.

Rev Keighley says that churches with congregations of fewer than 30 people should be sold and converted into free and affordable housing.

Under his controversial plan, which has been submitted to the Archbishop of Canterbury, up to 12,000 places of worship across England — around 75 per cent of all churches — should be closed and sold off.

They are, he says, little more than “museums gathering dust” and would serve a greater purpose if utilised for much-needed housing stock.

David Keighley
Reverend David Keighley is a respected progressive Christianity theologian and served as the “coalface” of ministry within the Church of England for almost 40 years.
Rev David Keighley
Rev David Keighley makes the call for urgent Church reform in his new collection of Christian poetry, Poems, Piety, and Psyche: Progressive Poems for Rebellious Christians (Resource Publications). 

The noted progressive Christian author, whose new collection of radical Christian poems, ‘Poems, Piety, and Psyche’, has just been released, says that most churches are prohibitively expensive to maintain and that the  sale of all “virtually empty” church buildings across England would raise tens of millions of pounds for good causes and provide homes to the UK’s poorest and most vulnerable people. 

Rev Keighley, a country parson for almost 40 years before his retirement in 2017, is a key advocate for Church reform. The announcement of his proposal has led to a raft of radio interviews including BBC Radio Somerset, BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio Kent, and BBC Radio Ulster. 

His new book, ‘Poems, Piety, and Psyche’, calls for urgent Church reform and shares a modern, progressive Christian theology that challenges the literalism of doctrine and scriptures while disclosing the still valid, hidden truths of Christianity. Complimentary review copies are available to the media on request.

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