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BBC radio stations interview author James Bailey, who has never let his severe epilepsy define him

Epileptic author James Bailey has been speaking on the radio this week about his incredible and inspirational real-life story. 

James, 27, has excelled at martial arts despite regularly suffering up to 200 epileptic fits every day – or around half a million during his life.

His epilepsy, when uncontrolled, is so severe that he has been described by doctors as a ‘miracle’ for being able to live a relatively normal life. 

He first began having crippling fits after banging his head on the pavement outside his parents home when he was just two years old. 

James was later diagnosed with ‘uncontrollable epilepsy’ and his distraught parents were warned that he would have to wear a crash helmet, would lose the use of the right side of his body, and would effectively ‘not have a future’. 

James Bailey in hospital
Despite his severe epilepsy having led to numerous hospital stays across the years, James Bailey has never let his condition define him, and has achieved sporting success in boxing and martial arts including Kuk Sool Won.
Light In The Shadows Front Cover
During his life, 27-year-old James Bailey has had close to half a million seizures when uncontrolled. Despite this he has always maintained a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. His incredible story is told for the first time in new inspirational memoir Light In The Shadows: A Life of Epilepsy

As a child, James suffered from unrelenting bullying at school, with his classmates branding him a “freak” because of his condition. 

But he has refused to be defined by his condition and as a teenager took up martial arts and boxing, reaching the level of black belt candidate in Korean martial art Kuk Sool Won and representing Great Britain in the 2014 European Championships, where he picked up multiple medals. 

To tie in with the launch of his inspirational memoir Light In The Shadows: A Life of Epilepsy, James has this week been interviewed on the radio about his life, and his plans to launch a one-to-one mentoring service for others with epilepsy as well as those who have been bullied or suffer from anxiety.

His interviews with BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Leeds are currently available on the BBC Sounds website. 

In addition, James and his new book have also been featured in an exclusive article on the Daily Mail Online – one of the world’s most popular English-language news websites. 

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