Children becoming digital zombies says YA Author Paul OGarra

Young Adult author Paul OGarra says technology is harming our children's mental and personal growth

Young adult author Paul OGarra has slammed smartphones and other technology for creating a generation of “digital zombies”.

The author, a client of book publicity agency Palamedes PR, believes that today’s children and teenagers are spending too much time on digital distractions at the expense of reading.

Describing modern society’s hunger for social networking, streaming and gaming as a “technological drug”, Mr OGarra warns that it does not provide young people with the mental stimulation they need while growing up.

Young Adult author Paul OGarra believes technology is limiting children's intellectual development.

The author-whose latest YA novel, Malak Desert Child, is out now-shared his views in an exclusive article for popular family magazine Reader’s Digest.

In it, he extols the virtue of reading, and reading widely, for broadening children’s mental horizons. 

He also bemoans a lack of substance in much of today’s YA literature and how this has prompted him to write novels that set out to “influence positively, the spiritual and intellectual attitudes of young people.

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