Extensive National Coverage for Hack Future Lab Covid Christmas Lockdown study

A new study finds that majority of working Britons want a Christmas covid lockdown to protect their mental health

The majority of working Brits are on the brink of post-pandemic burnout and would “wholly welcome” a Christmas covid lockdown to protect their mental health, a new study has found. 

A three-month study on ‘returnism’ – the psychological impact of returning to the workplace after sustained leave – by Hack Future Lab found that three-quarters of UK employees are “running on empty” since returning to the workplace in July. 

Most say they are overwhelmed with their workload, which in some sectors is said to have increased by up to 100 per cent because of high absenteeism linked to the coronavirus. 

Terence Mauri
Terence Mauri, above, is founder of policy institute Hack Future Lab, which analyses employment trends to forewarn governments and businesses about emerging threats.
The 3D Leader
Terence Mauri is the author of the international bestselling business guide, The 3D Leader. 

Others have struggled to readjust to office hours and are finding it hard to cope with the ‘old normal’ of the nine-to-five.

Hack Future Lab, founded by Terence Mauri, a global authority on disruptive work trends and bestselling author, interviewed 900 managers and 1,200 employees who returned to the workplace when restrictions were lifted in the summer.

Over half of those it questioned said they would be in favour of a two-week festive lockdown to allow them to recuperate after months of uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

Our news story about the new study has generated extensive national and international media coverage including The Independent, Daily Express, Yahoo, MSN UK, and HR Grapevine, among numerous others.

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