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Final book PR testimonials of 2021

Authors Aria Mossi and David Raeburn Finn praise UK book PR agency Palamedes

Our latest book PR testimonials, and the final ones of 2021, are now on our website.

Rising author Aria Mossi, who writes in the sci-fi fantasy romance genre, appointed UK book PR agency Palamedes to promote the first two novels in The Tarrassian Saga.

These books, The Ice Queen and The Queen of Monsters, tell an epic, interconnected story of a small group of humans abducted by aliens and thrust into a hostile universe. 

Here, they survive and overcomes by using the common human traits we take for granted, such as hope, resilience, willpower, kindness and love. 

Aria Mossi
The Tarrassian Saga author Aria Mossi secured widespread acclaim for her novels The Ice Queen and The Queen of Monsters through our book PR campaign.
David Raeburn Finn
Canadian author David Raeburn Finn came to Palamedes PR to generate exposure for his novel, The Leopard’s Daughter: A Pukhtun Story. This was instrumental in helping his book shoot up the Amazon rankings. 

Speaking of our campaign, which generated nationwide publicity, she said:

“Thanks so much for all your hard work! It has been a delight working with the Palamedes team, and an equal delight to receive such wonderful media exposure. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Author David Raeburn Finn, meanwhile, appointed Palamedes PR to promote his gripping anti-war novel, set during the War in Afghanistan,  The Leopard’s Daughter: A Pukhtun Story

He had this to say about our campaign, which resulted in a range of glowing book reviews within the UK mainstream press: “Palamedes PR’s extensive media exposure for my novel, The Leopard’s Daughter: A Pukhtun Story, contributed significantly to my book’s becoming an Amazon bestseller. Palamedes over delivered: I’d recommend them to any author.”

Palamedes PR provides guaranteed Book PR coverage to authors. If you want to secure the coverage your book deserves in 2022 then contact us to find out how we can help. 

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