The Tamagotchi Generation

Further National And International Coverage for AI Expert Catriona Campbell

The virtual children news story for AI expert Catriona Campbell secures print, online, broadcast and international coverage

There has been further national and international coverage for artificial intelligence expert and author Catriona Campbell, who claims that virtual children could solve the world’s overpopulation crisis. 

According to Campbell – one of the UK’s leading specialists in human computer interaction and the founder of Seren, Europe’s largest service design agency – computer-generated children could become commonplace by the early-2070s when augmented reality (AR) and haptic ‘touch-sensitive’ gloves make the experience potentially “lifelike”.

By that time, up to one-in-five parents may decide to opt for a digital baby over a real one, ushering in what has been dubbed the “Tamagotchi Generation” – the first cohort of environmentally-friendly digital children who will not deplete the planet of any of its natural resources.

Catriona Campbell
Technology entrepreneur and AI expert Catriona Campbell says that virtual children could be available within 50 years, and hold the solution to the world’s overpopulation crisis.
AI By Design front cover
AI by Design: A Plan For Living With Artificial Intelligence by Catriona Campbell is out now, published by Chapman and Hall/CRC (a subdivision of Routledge).

Yesterday we reported how our news story for Campbell, author of new book AI by Design: A Plan For Living With Artificial Intelligence, had secured online placements with the Daily Telegraph, The Sun and Daily Star.

In the last 24 hours, a wealth of additional media coverage has appeared. These include print placements in the Daily Telegraph, The Sun and Daily Star, as well as both print and online placements in the Daily Mail and The Guardian

There has also been coverage online in The Times, and a host of international placements ranging from the USA and Australia, and Germany and Russia, to India and China.

In addition, Campbell has been interviewed on BBC Radio and the virtual children news story was featured on Talk TV’s ‘The Talk’ show.

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