Further National Coverage for epileptic author James Bailey

Print coverage within the Daily Star for epileptic author James Bailey and his memoir 'Light in the Shadows'

There has been further national newspaper coverage for epileptic author James Bailey, who has defied his condition to achieve sporting success. 

James, 27, has a severe form of epilepsy caused by a brain injury when he was just two years old. It has led to him suffering up to 200 epileptic fits every day – or around half a million during his life.

When uncontrolled, he will fit at least once every five minutes and it is typical for him to record more than 100 seizures within just two hours of waking up. 

Despite this, he has excelled in martial arts, reaching the level of black belt candidate in Korean discipline Kuk Sool Won. 

James Bailey
Despite having severe epilepsy that has led to almost half a million seizures during his life, 27-year-old James Bailey has achieved gold medal sporting success in martial arts.
Light In The Shadows Front Cover
James Bailey is the author of new inspirational memoir Light In The Shadows: A Life of Epilepsy. In the past week he has been featured in national newspapers the Daily Star and Daily Mail Online, as well as on BBC radio. 

He was widely considered to be among the best practitioners in the UK, and secured gold, silver and bronze medals in three disciplines at the 2014 European championships.

While his medication regularly needs to be adjusted, James, from Essex, has now gone more than seven months without a seizure.

He currently runs two successful businesses and has also developed his own ‘street-wise’ system of self-defence which he teaches exclusively to multi-millionaires. 

He has also just penned a new book about his life called Light In The Shadows: A Life of Epilepsy and now plans to provide one-to-one mentoring to others with epilepsy and other conditions. 

In addition to the Daily Star, James has also been featured in the Daily Mail Online and has been interviewed on radio stations including BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Leeds. 

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