Why Darwin’s theory could have prevented the financial meltdown


Book PR Harriman House

SWNS carries a story about Money, Blood and Revolution, the new title from Harriman House

Palamedes PR, the book PR specialist, has secured more publicity for the new Harriman House title, Money, Blood and Revolution.

The UK’s largest independent press agency, South West News Service, is carrying the story on its website, here. The site attracts more than 500,000 visitors per month.

It reveals why author Dr George Cooper believes the global economic meltdown could have been “largely avoided” by applying Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to banking.

Dr Cooper, a former Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank strategist, believes the 19th Century naturalist may hold the key to understanding monetary crises.

Darwin’s evolutionary theories hold true in a financial context and could help institutions including the Bank of England to analyse and “fix” the issues in a more scientific manner, he argues.

They could also prevent another, more catastrophic downturn from occurring whilst “unlocking the true origin of economic growth and inequality”.

Complimentary review copies of ‘Money, Blood and Revolution: How Darwin and the doctor of King Charles I could turn economics into a science’ are now available. Call Anthony Harvison on 0203 1027935.

By Mick Blight