Is a retired French hotelier a forgotten member of the royal family?

National magazine asks if a French man could be the secret grandson of King Edward VIII

Prospect magazine has featured the incredible story of Francois Graftieaux, the French man who claims that he is the secret grandson of King Edward VIII. 

The retired hotelier, a client of book PR agency Palamedes, believes that his father Pierre-Edouard was the lovechild of Edward, later Duke of Windsor and his grandmother, Marie-Leonie.

In the article, which you can read here, it is explained how Francois’s father had never revealed the identity of his grandfather, other than saying that he had been someone famous who had not been “allowed to marry your grandmother”.

Mr Francois Graftieaux Prospect
The Kings Son

Francois’s suspicions as to a possible royal connection were first raised when a former girlfriend observed that he strongly resembled Edward. Prompted by this, he began searching his family archives to try and discover the truth. 

Reading through his grandmother’s diaries, he believes that it is possible that she met met Edward at the Luna Park in Paris, and began a romance that led to the birth of Francois’s father in 1916.  

Francois has undergone a DNA test that shows that he carries a “substantial source” of genetic markers that could only come from someone with British or northern European heritage.

The definitive answer, however, can only come if a close relative of Edward’s, such as the Queen, consents to a DNA test. Buckingham Palace has so far failed to respond to his requests but Francois hopes to gain the support of a prominent political or academic figure who would help champion his cause.

His remarkable claims have been published in ‘The King’s Son: The True Story of the Duke of Windsor’s Only Son‘ by JJ Barrie.

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