Latest book PR success story – Dr Sonja Falck

Our latest book PR success story, for Palamedes PR client Dr Sonja Falck, is now online.

Dr Falck, a senior lecturer in psychology and psychotherapist who specialises in high-ability adults, sparked a national debate after calling for insults such as ‘geek’ to be criminalised as hate speech.

The academic claims such terms are discriminatory against the high IQ community, and can have long-term consequences to their mental and emotional health. She has recently published her research into wider intelligence-based discrimination in Extreme Intelligence, released through Routledge.

Extreme Intelligence by Dr Sonja Falck
Academic Dr Sonja Falck appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss why she believed words such as ;geek' should be hate speech crimes.

Media exposure generated for Dr Falck included the front page of the Daily Star, above right, as well as placements within the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Sun and Metro as well as, internationally, the likes of The New York Post.

Dr Falck was also invited on to flagship ITV breakfast show Good Morning Britain, left, and radio stations including the BBC and talkRadio.

You can read the full PR case study story here.

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