Latest book PR success story – Rita Chowdhry

Our latest book PR success story, for Palamedes PR client Rita Chowdhry, is now online.

Rita Chowdhry, a leading career coach, hit the national headlines last week with the creation of the ‘world’s best CV’ – designed to secure professionals a six-figure salary.

Ms Chowdhry, the founder of corporate consultancy Savran, based the perfect resume on five years of research, having reviewed hundreds of job applications for her clients.

Our story breaking the news of the CV, which is also said to be ‘personality-proof’, led to page leads with the likes of the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and The Sun, as well as international coverage on sites include Yahoo Finance.

The wider campaign for Ms Chowdhry, promoting her new personal development guide Get Savvi, also generated a significant range of regional, trade and broadcast coverage.

You can read the full PR case study story here.

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