Latest book PR success story – Rosie Osborne

The Daily Mirror and Herald Scotland among the coverage secured for author client Rosie Osborne

Our latest book PR success story is now live, providing a summary of the coverage secured for author Rosie Osborne. 

Ms Osborne has spent the past 17 years conducting and collecting interviews with some of the UK’s leading contemporary artists, including Danny Fox and the late Sandra Blow.

Her first collection of those interviews were recently published in her debut book, Free Spirits

The gorgeous coffee-table book is fully illustrated with the author, a professional photographer, capturing her subjects in their studios.

Rosie Osborne, the author (left) and Sylvette David, Picasso's former muse
Author Rosie Osborne has been able to secure exclusive interviews with a wide range of leading contemporary artists, including former Picasso muse Sylvette David.
Free Spirits by Rosie Osborne is an intimate collection of interviews with celebrated contemporary artists, including Picasso muse Sylvette David

Our campaign formed two parts. The first was based on in-depth interviews with one of the artists featured in Ms Osborne’s book, Sylvette David, who had been one of Pablo Picasso’s muses.

The second strand of the campaign was to secure a range of exclusive Q&A interviews for the author about her book.

You can read the full PR case study story on the PR Success Stories section of our website.

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