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Latest Book PR testimonial – Carl Borgen

Bock Saga historian and author Carl Borgen praises book PR agency Palamedes for its promotion of Temporarily Insane and The End of Paradise

Our latest book PR testimonial, from author Carl Borgen, is now online.

The respected historian and author on the Bock Saga – an alternative creation myth revealed to the world by late Finnish mystic Ior Bock – appointed book PR agency Palamedes to promote his latest two releases. 

The first of these, Temporarily Insane, is a memoir and account of the Temple Twelve, a small but dedicated group of amateur archaeologists who for the past three decades have been searching for the world’s greatest undiscovered treasure trove – the Lemminkäinen Hoard – as told of in the Bock Saga. 

The second book is a young adult adventure believed to be the first novel to be based on the Bock Saga – The End of Paradise

Carl Borgen
Carl Borgen is one of the world’s leading experts on the Bock Saga, and the author of multiple books about the Saga including memoir Temporarily Insane and novel The End of Paradise.
Temporarily Insane front cover
Temporarily Insane by Bock Saga historian Carl Borgen tells the incredible real-life story of a small group of Bockists who, for the past three decades, have been searching a site in Finland in hope of discovering the world’s largest undiscovered treasure trove – the Lemminkäinen Hoard.

Our campaign was focused on establishing Mr Borgen’s author brand and generating nationwide exposure for his books. This resulted in well in excess of 100 media placements including significant national and international exposure

Praising our work, Mr Borgen said: “I am totally amazed by the outcome of our cooperation. This is much more than I had ever envisioned.

“Yes, I know you told me that my books would be promoted in many publications, but that was kind of abstract until now. It is not only that my books are in over a hundred local and national newspapers, but the articles are really nice and extensive and … well just really nice to read!

“I really don’t know how you guys made it happen so that the stories you prepared were published all over the UK and, indeed, the world.

“I felt I have had the extreme luck to be guided by serious professionals, who work hard and love their work.”

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