Latest Book PR testimonial – Navajo

The author of experimental novella 'Ironing' praises book PR agency Palamedes

Our latest book PR testimonial, from author Navajo, is now online.

The author, who writes under a pen name, appointed Palamedes PR to promote his debut novella, ‘Ironing‘, which is out now.

An experimental ‘ultra-realistic’ work of fiction, Ironing has been described as an “imaginative, bold work which sets out to present reality as it is actually lived”.  

Ironing front cover
Experimental novella ‘Ironing’ by Navajo eschews the standard literary narrative and is best explained as a book about everyday people and everyday life – their “hopes, dreams, and disasters”. 
Navajo profile picture
Navajo, who writes under a pen name, makes his publishing debut with ‘Ironing’. The novella has received critical praise, including being described as an “experiment with startling, engrossing results”.

Speaking about our campaign, which resulted in media placements including Reader’s Digest and The London Economic, Navajo said: “My experimental novella, Ironing, is not an ‘easy’ book but Palamedes PR instantly grasped the work and the best way to present it to readers. 

“I am genuinely happy and grateful for all that the agency has done. Not only am I happy with the guaranteed exposure of my book but also the team’s insights and understanding of my work has given me an insight into myself and my work, which is obviously priceless.

“I would have no hesitation suggesting Palamedes to other authors.”

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