Education Magazine covers ‘radical anti-inactivity programme’ for five-year-olds

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Lifelong, the training company behind the anti-inactivity initiative

A radical ‘anti-inactivity’ and obesity programme that is being introduced into primary schools in England has been featured by Education Magazine.

The nationwide publication, which targets senior teachers, headteachers, and principles, has run the story over two pages in its print edition this month.
It reveals how the programme, run by Lifelong, is being introduced into the schools’ curriculums to protect pupils from becoming overweight and unfit. Children as young as five, including those considered “at risk of inactivity” will undergo some form of fitness exercise every day. They will perform squats, press ups, lunges and burpees for up to three-and-a-half hours per week in specially-designed PE lessons that are aimed at the “disengaged”.
The independent initiative, called the Lifelong program, aims to tackle Britain’s £5.1billion obesity epidemic – which has been linked to inactivity – at grass roots level.
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