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National press coverage for Hack Future Lab founder, Terence Mauri.

The majority of the British workforce could be suffering from a little-known form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, a leading think tank has warned.

A 12-week study conducted by global disruption expert and bestselling author Terence Mauri through his London-based policy institute, Hack Future Lab, has found that ‘Workplace Survivor Syndrome’ (WSS) is now so widespread that it may affect more than two-thirds of UK employees.

The condition describes the adverse psychological effects that workers feel in the wake of redundancies, and affects those who keep their jobs while friends and colleagues lose theirs, often amid mass downsizing.

Terence Mauri, author of The 3D Leader.
Terence Mauri is the founder of London-based think tank Hack Future Lab, which identifies emerging and disruptive business trends so that business leaders can better prepare.
The 3D Leader is out now through FT Publishing International.

The syndrome was considered relatively rare but, according to the study, the emotional upheaval caused by the Covid-19 outbreak and the record job losses that followed have created the “perfect environment for WSS to thrive”.

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak in March, Hack Future Lab estimates that fewer than one-in-1,000 employees had suffered from WSS. Today, that figure has risen to 67 per cent or the equivalent of over two-in-three people in just eight months.

Mauri, the author of the international bestselling business book ‘The 3D Leader’, said WSS could have a “devastating” impact on employees’ long-term mental health and on the British economy.

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