Rita Chowdhry with family

National Newspaper Coverage for business coach Rita Chowdhry

Business Coach Rita Chowdhry is featured on the Daily Mail Online advising that families be run like businesses

Familes should be run like blue-chip firms if they are to thrive and succeed, according to one of the UK’s most respected business coaches. 

Rita Chowdhry, founder of London-based coaching consultancy Savran, says that applying a corporate structure to the family unit helps instill essential values and creates a stronger bond between its members.

As revealed today on the Daily Mail Online, Rita has employed a business-like model to her family’s day-to-day operations for more than eight years.  

Rita Chowdhry
Business coach Rita Chowdhry, founder of consultancy Savran, runs her family like a blue-chip company, based on a family charter with 12 core values.
Get Savvi front cover
Rita Chowdhry is the author of personal development guide Get Savvi: The Transformation of an Unfulfilled Wife, an Entitled Son, and a Preoccupied Businessman.

At the heart of this is a family charter containing 12 core values that has been developed by Rita and is based on her own coaching SAVVI framework: Self-awareness, Achiever’s mindset, Values and beliefs, Verbal communication, Inspire and motivate.

This is followed by Rita, her husband Jeff, and their grown-up children Anya, Leah, and Reece, and includes values such as continuous personal development, having a positive mindset, and unconditional love. 

Rita, a client of PR agency Palamedes, previously appeared in the Daily Mail, and a host of national and international newspapers, in 2020 when she unveiled the ‘world’s best C.V.’. 

She is also the author of personal development book Get SAVVI, which details her own SAVVI framework.

Speaking about her publicity campaign with Palamedes PR, Rita said: “I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your hard work in writing and securing an exclusive feature article with the Mail Online. It has been a real success, and has led to a national news agency and TV production company both contacting me, as well as being responsible for generating new prospective clients for my consultancy.  Once again, thank you! You SMASHED it!”

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