Milli Hill on BBC Breakfast

National TV coverage for Pinter & Martin author Milli Hill

Bestselling pregnancy author Milli Hill interviewed on BBC flagship show

Bestselling author Milli Hill has been interviewed on one of the BBC’s flagship shows. 

Hill, author of The Positive Birth Book: The Bestselling Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Weeks – out now through our client, publisher Pinter & Martin – was interviewed on BBC Breakfast on Friday. 

Hill, a prominent positive birth campaigner, was discussing her thoughts on the Government’s creation and appointment of a Women’s Health Ambassador for England.

This role will be filled by Dame Lesley Regan, who will be supporting the implementation of the upcoming Women’s Health Strategy for England – which aims to tackle the gender health gap and ensure services meet the needs of women throughout their lives. 

Milli Hill
Positive birth campaigner Milli Hill is the author of bestselling guide The Positive Birth Book: The Bestselling Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and the Early Weeks.
The Positive Birth Book
The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill is one of the UK’s bestselling pregnancy and birth guides. To mark its fifth anniversary, it has just been published through Pinter & Martin in a fully revised and expanded edition. 

Through books such as The Positive Birth Book, Milli Hill has done much to challenge negativity and fear of childbirth and has empowered hundreds of thousands of women worldwide to make informed, positive choices about their births.

The TV interview comes after Hill spoke to several BBC radio stations last week about her concern that many British women are being led to fear pregnancy due to a widespread negative portrayal of childbirth on TV. 

For all media requests, including interviews with Milli Hill and complimentary review copies of The Positive Birth Book, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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