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Palamedes PR appointed by bestselling business author Ron G Holland

Palamedes PR is appointed by the "entrepreneur's entrepreneur", best-selling business author Ron G Holland

Book PR specialist Palamedes PR is pleased to be representing  respected entrepreneur, business mentor and bestselling author Ron G Holland.

Ron is widely described as Britain’s “Leading Motivational Speaker”, the “Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur” and the “King Millionaire Maker”, and has been said to be, “Quite possibly the very greatest self-help and business guru”.

We will be promoting his extensive back catalogue of #1 best-selling business books, which includes  Talk & Grow RichTurbo Success,  and The Eureka! Enigma, as well as his forthcoming title, set for publication later this year. 

Ron G Holland
Number one bestselling business author, business mentor and motivational speaker Ron G Holland.
Ron G Holland with books
Ron G Holland is the author of more than 20 bestselling business self-help books, starting with 1977 classic Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu and now including such popular titles as Talk & Grow RichTurbo Success and The Eureka! Enigma.

In addition, we shall also be promoting Ron’s soon-to-be-launched, and pioneering, human capital app, Quollify.

Aimed at entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, Quollify will transform the search for knowledge workers, service providers, and investors—among others—into a simple and pain-free process. 

For more than 30 years, Ron has specialised in business mentoring and creating ‘True Wealth’ and ‘Growth Strategies’ for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large enterprises. 

He is also a respected entrepreneur in his own right, having created millions in equity funding for early stage and start-up companies, and being noted as the first City entrepreneur to break the £1million funding ceiling for an internet company, in the mid-1990s. 

His first book, Debt Free with Financial Kung Fu, was published in 1977 and has gone on to become a classic in the field. He has since released more than 20 self-help business books, many of which are also available as audiobooks.

Outside of the business arena, Ron’s main passions are for fast cars, motorcycles and speedboats.

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