Book PR – Palamedes PR appointed by David Icke

Book PR specialist Palamedes PR has been appointed to spearhead a publicity campaign for author and public speaker David Icke.

The agency will be working with David on the promotion of his new book, ‘Everything You Need To Know, But Have Never Been Told’, which is set to go on sale in the UK this November.

In the book, the controversial conspiracy theorist — whose sell-out shows around the world attracts audiences in their thousands — will discuss his beliefs about the true nature of reality and the march towards a new totalitarian era.

David said: “The world is at a crossroads and what happens in the next few years will determine the eventual and ultimate fate of humankind.

“There is a growing sense of unease across the world and many people already realise that something is not right. My aim is to bring the global deceptions, and deceivers, into light to ensure we act before it is too late.”

Anthony Harvison, Palamedes PR campaigns director, added: “For nearly 30 years, David Icke has been of the world’s most vocal and noted conspiracy theorists.

“We are pleased to be working with David and hope to show audiences that whether you agree or disagree with his hypotheses, they are worthy of attention and respect.”