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Palamedes PR Appointed By Publisher Barksin

Palamedes PR is appointed by publisher Barksin to promote The Gwenna Luna series of books by Guenther Primig

Book PR specialist Palamedes PR is pleased to be representing publisher Barksin and its ‘Gwenna Luna’ series of illustrated horror stories.

The consultancy shall be promoting the first two volumes in the spine-chilling series, The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna: Six Dreams of the Supernatural, out now, and the forthcoming The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna, set for publication later this year. 

Written by author Guenther Primig, with striking illustrations by Rory Midhani, the Gwenna Luna series provides the perfect fusion of classic and contemporary horror. 

The Dark Book Of Gwenna Luna FC
The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna: Six Dreams of the Supernatural is the first in a planned series of illustrated horror books by Guenther Primig, and published by indie publisher Barksin.
Guenther Primig
Author Guenther Primig was inspired to write the Gwenna Luna series based on a deep-rooted love of the macabre and classic horror fiction in the vein of M. R. James, Edgar Allan Poe, and H. P. Lovecraft. 

Presented in the form of short stories, the books focus on the titular Gwenna Luna, a teenager with macabre dreams of ghosts and monsters who may, herself, possibly be a witch. 

The series, which will also be available in audiobook format, celebrates the outsider and will appeal to readers of all ages who love dark fiction and who appreciate classic ghost stories in the tradition of M.R. James.

Review copies of both The Dark Book of Gwenna Luna: Six Dreams of the Supernatural and The Graveyard of Gwenna Luna will be available to the media in the coming months. To register your interest, please contact

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