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Palamedes PR Appointed By Publisher Lemahouse

Palamedes PR is appointed by publisher Lemahouse to promote new novel The Leopard's Daughter

Book PR agency Palamedes PR has been appointed by publisher Lemahouse to promote a new war-time set novel. 

The consultancy shall be promoting The Leopard’s Daughter: A Pukhtun Story, which is out now. 

Written by Canadian-based author David Raeburn Finn, the novel is a gripping and thoughtful thriller set during the War in Afghanistan and which highlights the terrible impact of war upon the innocent Pashtun people caught in the conflict.

David Raeburn Finn
David Raeburn Finn, author of new thriller The Leopard’s Daughter: A Pukhtun Story.
The Leopard's Daughter
The Leopard’s Daughter: A Pukhtun Story by David Raeburn Finn is out now, published through Lemahouse.

The novel, which has a strong anti-war message, relates the story of Mohammed – a skilled, politically naïve surgeon of Pashtun descent who joins US Special Forces as a front-line medic at a secret base in Kunar, Afghanistan.

His Muslim faith and background already have him on a secret CIA watch list dubbed OWL (Others Watch List). Alerted by OWL, his base commander’s suspicions heighten as Mohammed converses and prays with, then physically defends, Afghan civilian villagers against murderous company soldiers.

Mohammed survives a cross-border ambush and is taken in by a passing Pashtun family. Here, Mohammed falls in love with a young Pashtun widow, Shahay. His visit, however, unknowingly sets in motion a CIA operation aimed at discovering Mohammed’s true allegiance – one which will brings horror to Shahay’s family and gruesome deaths to her community. 

For all media requests, including review copies of The Leopard’s Daughter, contact publicist Anthony Harvison.

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