Palamedes PR appointed by Sparkling Books

Book publicity agency Palamedes PR appointed by publisher to promote radical new global economics title

Book publicity specialists Palamedes PR have been appointed by British publisher Sparkling Books

The agency shall be promoting the publisher’s forthcoming non-fiction title, The Financial System Limit – Radical Thoughts About Money.

It is written by investment manager David Kauders, who challenges the existing academic and political consensus about how economies should be managed, showing that finance is the root cause of public dissatisfaction with the elite and their policies.

The Financial System Limit
David Kauders

Written for a non-specialist audience, Mr Kauder’s insightful book shows why old arguments about sound money versus stimulus, as well as contemporary arguments that governments controlling their own currency can create as much credit as they wish, are fundamentally unsuited to the way the financial world works now.

In its place, a different financial system needs to be encouraged to emerge. 

The Financial System Limit is set to be published in eBook format this summer. 

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