Board with your job? Latest national coverage reveals nation’s dream career is no longer an astronaut – it’s a B&B owner

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Being a B&B owner is revealed as the nation’s dream job. It beat doctors, lawyers and even astronauts

Palamedes PR, the book PR agency, has today secured significant national exposure for its client, the international publishing house, Pearson Publishing.

The PR for books agency generated media coverage in today’s Daily Express (hard copy and online), The Mirror (hard copy), metro (hard copy) and Daily Record (print).
Our story, for the Pearson author Brigitte Cobb, reveals how two-out-of-three Britons would prefer to run a £30-a-night B&B to a high-powered career that bring longer hours and more stress.

Earning a steady income from the comfort of your own home and working with loved ones is considered more important than reaping a £100,000 salary, driving flash cars or taking exotic holidays.

And being a £30-a-night B&B or guesthouse owner beat a range of more esteemed professions – from police commissioner to fighter pilot, and fire chief to astronaut – as most people’s dream job.

A spokesman for Palamedes PR, which has represented Pearson Publishing since the start of 2013, said: “We are really pleased with the latest book PR coverage, and would like to thank the national titles for their support.”

By Mick Blight

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