Picasso not a boozer says his muse, 85

Author Rosie Osborne conducts rare interviews with Picasso muse, Sylvette David

Artist Pablo Picasso’s reputation as a hard drinker and womaniser has been called into question for the first time by his former muse.

According to French-born model Sylvette David, now 85, the world-famous painter was in fact a “perfect gentleman” and teetotal.

Contrary to accounts that he was addicted to absinthe, she says Picasso was health-conscious and physically fit, and that the only green drink she believed he consumed would have been green tea.

Picasso muse Sylvette David, now 85, agreed to a series of candid interviews with author Rosie Osborne for her new book, Free Spirits. Copyright Rosie Osborne 2019
Free Spirits by Rosie Osborne is an intimate collection of interviews with celebrated contemporary artists, including Picasso muse Sylvette David

Sylvette made the revelations in a series of rare interviews with author and award-winning photographer Rosie Osborne.

Osborne, a client of book PR agency Palamedes PR, also interviewed the muse for her new book, Free Spirits, which contains a collection of intimate interviews with contemporary artists.

The news story has been picked up by Devon newspaper Devon Live as well as the Daily Mirror.

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