Pleasing your stakeholders comes down to understanding personality

Author and award-winning coach writes for Public Sector Today

Author and award-winning coach Rita Chowdhry has written exclusively for one of the UK’s leading public sector publications.

Ms Chowdhry, a client of Book PR agency Palamedes, has written an article for Public Sector Today entitled, ‘Pleasing Your Stakeholders, and Your Team, Comes own to Understanding Personality’.

Award-winning coach and author of Get SAVVI, Rita Chowdhry.
Rita Chowdhry's exclusive article for Public Sector Today

In the article, she discusses how personality profiling can benefit managers within the public sector by enabling them to deal more effectively with the various needs of different stakeholders by understanding their personality types.

As Ms Chowdhry, who has worked with public sector organisations including Greenwich, Spelthorne and Thurrock Councils, explains, personality profiling can also help managers better understand their teams and provide the right support to help them flourish at work.

This is all because different personality types – of which there are four primary types (Dominant; Influencer; Steady; and Compliant) have different expectations, strengths and weaknesses that all must be accounted for.

Ultimately, as Ms Chowdhry teaches through her patented SAVVI framework, gaining a working knowledge of personality types is the key to reducing stress and maximising workplace efficiency. 

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