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BBC Radio Interviews for Author Paul Carroll and ‘Don’t Ask’

BBC interviews for the British author Paul Carroll and his crusade to ban DNA home-testing kits.

The author Paul Carroll has featured on a number of BBC radio stations this week after launching what is believed to be the UK’s first website calling for an outright ban on DNA home-testing kits in Britain.
The father of three says the kits, which are readily available online for as little as £60, pose a significant social, ethical and privacy threat and is calling on Brits to support his cause at The website sets out the main concerns surrounding home DNA testing, and calls on visitors to write to their MPs to request they be blocked from sale.

Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll, above, is interviewed on a variety of BBC Radio stations after launching a campaign to ban DNA home-testing kits in the UK. 
Don't Ask book cover
Don’t Ask by Paul Carroll is a gripping family drama that explores the dark side of DNA testing. Review copies are now available through Palamedes.

Home DNA testing continues to grow in popularity around the world. It is estimated that the industry will be worth $45bn (£33bn) by 2024.
Consumers predominantly use the kits to build family trees and to identify previously unknown relatives, known as ‘genetic genealogy’. They can also be used to signpost potential future health risks and, in some incidences, even to confirm paternity.
The home DNA testing industry, however, is largely unregulated in the UK and, as Carroll’s website highlights, there are significant social, ethical and privacy issues associated with the kits — issues that have already led them to being banned in countries such as France.

Paul’s book, Don’t Ask, draws on his own experiences of home DNA testing and how, in his case, it caused major disruption to his own family.

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