Book PR latest coverage: Frost Magazine gives warm review

Palamedes PR, the PR for books agency, secures glowing review for The Promise

Frost Magazine provides glowing review for agency client Graham W Price’s exceptional new book, The Promise

Frost Magazine has kindly provided a glowing review of The Promise, the exceptional new book by agency client Graham W Price.

The magazine featured the title (Pearson) on its website last week.

It said the self-help book – previously described by Michael Queen, the CEO of 3i, the FTSE 100 company as “the most useful and effective training I’ve come across in 25 years” –  was a “great book if you are lagging behind and want to up your game”.

Anthony Harvison, who handles the Pearson account, said: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Frost Magazine for its wonderful review, for which all parties are grateful.”

The Promise: Never Have Another Negative Thought Again is available here. Signed complimentary copies are available through Palamedes PR.

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