Society must have an open discussion on artificial intelligence

Dr Michelle Tempest calls for public debate on the future use of AI

Artificial intelligence expert Dr Michelle Tempest says that the time has come for society to openly discuss how far we are willing to rely on AI in the future. 

Dr Tempest, a client of book publicity agency Palamedes and the author of Big Brain Revolution, believes that a “critical crossroads” has now been reached where “AI and human psychology are starting to coincide”.

She warns that technology is “starting to tap into the human brain” in a way never before possible, raising pressing ethical questions concerning surveillance and the right to privacy. 

Dr Tempest, who teaches ethics and law at Cambridge University, also says that a growing willingness to outsource tasks to AI could physically alter the human brain – making them “lazy and reliant on technology”.

In an exclusive Q&A interview with The London Economic, she says: “If AI changes the brain, by definition, it impacts the essence of thinking, personality, humanity, spirituality and society.

“My motivation is to encourage everyone to enthusiastically be inquisitive about how AI could evolve their own brain. Nobody has a crystal ball so there can be no right or wrong answer.”

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