BBC coverage following shock new evidence about unknown WW1 massacre

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Co-author of On That Day…Susan Burnett, whose revelations about the Collingwood Battalion have been broadcast on BBC Radio Solent

Shock new research that suggests a Royal Navy Division battalion of First World War British reservists were deliberately gunned down and killed by Allied comrades has been covered by Dorset media.
Damning evidence uncovered by the author and agency client Susan Burnett reveals that The Collingwood Battalion, who carried out much of their training in the practice trenches surrounding the Blandford Camp military base during the winter of 1914, was all but wiped out by a “torrent of British bullets” during the bloody Third Battle of Krithia. The incident is believed to be the single-worst case of ‘fragging’ in the history of modern warfare.
BBC Radio Solent and Blackmore Vale Magazine have both covered the story, which came to light in Burnett’s bestselling and critically-acclaimed memoir, On That Day I Left My Boyhood Behind.
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