The Bittersweet Truth about Cocoa

Journalist, author and campaigner Mia Bo reveals the dark side of chocolate production

Chocolate is the world’s most widely consumed form of confectionery, but the industry remains dogged by accusations of child labour.

Author, journalist and child slavery campaigner Mia Bo has written about the unpalatable realities of cocoa production for The London Economic.

Ms Bo, a client of book PR agency Palamedes, says in the piece – ‘Time to Raise the Bar: The Bittersweet Truth about Cocoa’ – that “despite efforts by (predominately US-based) chocolate manufacturers, the scope and scale of the problem is growing at an alarming rate”.

Ms Mia Bo The London Economic

She refers to the biannual Cocoa Barometer 2018, which suggests that the number of West African children, aged between five and 17, engaged in hazardous work in cocoa plantations has grown to 2.1 million. Many of these are believed to be cocoa slaves.

Ms Bo is the author of new young adult (YA) novel Cocoa Tears, which is a fictional account of the hardships faced by two friends who are kidnapped from their homes and made to work on a cocoa plantation.

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