DOH! Working from home sparks generation of ‘Mr Burns-type’ bosses

National print coverage for UK's not-at-all eeeexxxcellent bosses.

The working from home boom is creating a new generation of villainous bosses like “Mr Burns from The Simpsons”, a leading think tank and Palamedes client has warned.

Britain’s workforce has more “monstrous” managers than ever before as a direct
result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was claimed.

Previously calm, empathetic, and friendly bosses have become “the stuff of
nightmares” as they attempt to reassert control and recreate the oversight of the
office at home, it was said.

Tens of thousands of remote workers are now under intense supervision and feel “unable to use the bathroom” without being pulled to task, a 12-week independent study by the London-based policy institute Hack Future Lab has found.

The think tank, which analyses emerging trends to forewarn governmental
organisations and public authorities about likely economic threats, warns that
working from home (WFH) has triggered the largest reduction in trust between
employee and manager ever seen in modern times.

The pandemic is creating a new generation of managers with the same emotional detachment as Mr
Burns, Homer Simpson’s menacing boss, above.
Terence Mauri
Above: Terence Mauri, the author of The 3D Leader, whose think tank Hack Future Lab interviewed 1,100 employees and 300 managers in full-time roles over 12 weeks, between late October and early January, via Zoom to determine the effect of home working on team trust.

Its founder Terence Mauri, left, a global authority on disruptive trends, said those who saw remote working as the silver lining of lockdown are now subject to paranoid and overbearing managers breathing down their necks throughout the day.

He said many managers were displaying the same emotional detachment as Mr
Burns, Homer’s menacing boss who delights in the downfall of his own employees.

This could have a “devastating” impact on workers’ long-term mental health and on the British economy, Mauri warns.

A drop in staff morale could prove the final straw for thousands of businesses
already struggling under Covid-19 trading restrictions, he says.

The research, which hit today’s print editions, follows national coverage for Hack Future Lab’s earlier research about how the majority of the British workforce could be suffering from a little-known form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. You can see more about this research here.

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