International Public Speaker Andy Harrington Appoints Palamedes PR

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Andy Harrington, considered one of the world’s leading public speakers, has appointed the London PR agency, Palamedes PR.

Harrington has coached Hollywood movie stars and has variously shared the stage with Bill Clinton, Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Richard Branson, Paul McKenna, Tony Robbins and others.

The agency, which specialises in business book PR, is tasked with the UK promotion of Passion Into Profit, Harrington’s new ‘how-to’ guide for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Passion Into Profit is published by Wiley and hits the shelves on March 12th 2015.

Speaking yesterday Andy – who founded a £50million business with an investment of just £10,000 – said he appointed Palamedes PR, a market-leader in non-fiction book PR, on account of its credentials and reputation within the literary arena.

“Passion Into Profit is an instructional guide for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants who wish to hone their presentation skills to position themselves or their business as ‘go to’ experts,” he said.

“As such, it was important to me that the book’s publicity interests are represented by the leaders in this arena.”

Jon Kirk, the managing director of Palamedes PR, added: “Andy is rightly considered to be a world-leader in public speaking, and we’re looking forward to working with him to increase his influence even further.”

Copies of Passion Into Profit will be available to the media through Palamedes PR on a complimentary basis in coming weeks. For your copy, call 0203 1027935 or email



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