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FT Publishing reveals how three-quarters of managers are stumped by business buzzwords

FT Publishing reveals how three-quarters of managers are stumped by business buzzwords


Palamedes PR has secured key trade press book PR exposure for the new business title, How To Think Strategically: Your Roadmap to Innovation and Results, it emerged this morning.

We revealed how less than 10 per cent of senior managers understand the business buzzwords they use on a daily basis, and how terms such as “future-proofing” and “core competency” stumped three-quarters of the 1,000 respondents we questioned.

Less than half knew the definition of “paradigm shift” or the difference between “strategy” and “tactics” in a commercial or managerial context. And just nine per cent were able to accurately match a list of 10 words and phrases commonly used in modern business lexicon with a description of their proper meaning.

The research, conducted on behalf of Financial Times Publishing, was undertaken to mark this month’s publication of How to Think Strategically, a pioneering new work by Professor Davide Sola and Professor Jerome Couturier.

The results of the research were featured in Start Your Business Magazine, and in Fresh Business Thinking – sites which, respectively, attract almost 100,000 unique visitors each month and reach a further 70,000 subscribers. A third platform, Professional Manager Magazine – the monthly publication from the Chartered Management Institute – has ran the story.

Palamedes PR, a leading book PR agency, specialises in business-to-business book PR. A spokesman said: “We are delighted for FT Publishing, and for the title’s co-authors, Professors Sola and Couturier, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all three publications for the fantastic features.”

By Mick Blight

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