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Warning: This may get you down and cross. Can you crack the world’s toughest crossword?

This has to be the ultimate in cryptic crosswords – a word puzzle so taxing that even professional crossword compilers reckon it will take two years to crack.

Devised by author and professional crossword compiler Marc Breman, a client of author PR agency Palamedes PR, the 64-clue grid is said to be 100 times harder than the usual cryptic crosswords found in the UK’s national newspapers.

And thanks to the wonderful team over at SWNS, the story has again  featured in a wealth of nationals – including print edition of the Daily Express, where it secured a coveted front-page placement, among others

Links to Marc’s book, The Foggiest Notion and his website MarcBreman.London, were both in the Daily Express as well as the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, and on MSN.

It joins global exposure in recent days for Marc, including the online editions of the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph. Much of this publicity can be found elsewhere on our Latest Publicity pages.

Have a try at the world’s hardest crossword over at Marc Breman’s website. The first 10 people to get it right win a copy of The Foggiest Notion plus the accolade of solving the hardest crossword ever created.

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Palamedes PR, the book PR agency

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