Celebrity author reveals ‘perils of publishing’ in celebrity blog post

Gurpareet Bains

Gurpareet Bains, the celebrity chef, reveals the ‘perils of publishing’ in his latest candid blog post for Palamedes PR

Gurpareet Bains, the celebrity chef and Palamedes PR client, has penned his latest blog for Palamedes PR.

The post, ‘The Perils of Publishing’, reveals his “wayward experiences” in the confusing – and often murky – publishing world.

Gurpareet tells how he learnt the hard way about finding an agent and publisher, and how he coped with rejection.

Speaking this morning, Gurpareet said he hoped the post would “educate and inspire” others, adding: “Knowledge is power and experiences such as mine should serve readers well. They may even help them avoid the pitfalls of publishing into which I fell on several occasions.”

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By Anthony Harvison